About Us

Alireza KashianAlireza Kashian
Role: Project Manager / Founder
Interests: GeoBased Services, Semantic Web, Image Annotation,
Knowledge Representation, Photo Processing

Email: alireza [-AT-] picartia.com (Change [-AT-] to @)

Pedram PourhosseinPedram Pourhossein
Role:Flash Developer/Designer
Flash, Flex,
Web programming

Email:pedram [-AT-] picartia.com
(Change [-AT-] to @)

Shayan ShahandShayan Shahand
Role: Site Developer / Marketing
Interests: Web Services, Grid Services,
GeoBased Services,
Web2.0, Web programming,
C/C++/C#/Java Programming,
Network/Server admin, Linux

Email: shayan [-AT-] picartia.com (Change [-AT-] to @)

Sona HassaniSona Hassani
Role: Debugger / Support
Interests: Web 2.0, GeoBased Services,
Software Engineering

Email: sona [-AT-] picartia.com (Change [-AT-] to @)

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