PicArtia Create Photo Collage Online

Welcome to PicArtia! (Create Photo Collage Online for Free)

PicArtia helps you to create your photo mosaic online for free. It is popular for being fast, easy and free!

Photo Mosaics are great gifts for friends, family members and even yours. Most of our users would print it in large size and use it as a poster for their office or room wall. Some users even use it in their blogs, websites or post it as an online gift to their friends on different occasions like school gatherings or birthdays.

There are a few hints for having a better experience with PicArtia:

- You are not familiar with PicArtia? Don’t worry. Watch this 2 minutes Tutorial and learn the 3 easy steps to create your photo mosaic!

- The free version of Photo Mosaic that you receive in PicArtia has less than 10 MegaPixels quality. So if you like to print the photo mosaic, we highly recommend you to check for higher resolutions which are served at PicArtia for nominal fee. Check out price tables here.

- What can I do with Photo Mosaics. Here are some proposals (Check our photo gallery here):
A- Print it as a poster for your home or office.
B- Give the print as a gift to your friends or family members. There are lots of cool ideas. Just think about it.
C- Bring up your cool idea into web and share it. Example: 1000 of happy faces are showing a crying baby :) it surely has a meaning for all of us.

- Many users asks if they can create photo mosaic with their own Cell photos. Like photos of your ceremony or your trip to Hawaii. Yes. You can do that. We serve this service for just 7.99$ for 30 MegaPixels Output! You need just to resize all your photos to smaller sizes, zip them and send it to us. You receive your photo mosaic in less than 12 hours! We can help you to resize and do all the process very fast. Just read this Tutorial.

- PicArtia prints for US clients through online printing facility. But for other countries, you can just purchase the digital photo mosaic file, and then you can print it at local print shop

- Do you want to make photo mosaics out of your Flickr photo collection? We can help you. The price for 500 photos from Flickr starts at 14.99$US. We download all your photos, we make your mosaic, and we send you the result through email. Apply here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Why is PicArtia a powerful Photo Mosaic Maker? Why is it different from others?
Answer: PicArtia uses 5 different algorithms to find best result for your photo mosaic. The algorithms are ultra fast and that is why we reply back to your online request in a few seconds. PicArtia checks each single photo for Colors, Patterns and uses advanced pattern recognition technologies to create the photo mosaic. For your information, PicArtia does not inject any pattern (like overlaying) or does not touch the Cells at all. You can compare the results in our Gallery. The algorithms in PicArtia makes it a unique photo mosaic maker on the web.

Question: Why should I make photo mosaic online, while I can buy a software and do it at home?
Answer: You can do it for sure. But there are certain factors which does not make an appealing solution: 1- You need to invest more time, to find, buy, learn and work with the application. ** 2- If your computer is not that powerfull, most probably your application will crash while it process high quality mosaics. So after buying a great application, you need also to buy a great PC. For example, for 75 MegaPixels photo mosaic, you need like 2 GIG of free RAM ** 3- How many photo mosaics do you make per year? are you ready to pay like 50$ to buy the application for just trying 2-3 photo mosaics per year or better to use a professional online service and pay just a small fee without waisting your time and money? If you want to make more than 3 high quality mosaics per year, consult with us and we give you our ultimate solution.

Question: What does bad bad Server message mean?
That is when our servers are too busy and burning hot for creating photo mosaics. Please allow 2-3 minutes and try again to get it! if again it was not successful, you may have some issues with your master photo. Please try with another master photo.

Question: Why didn’t I receive the email?
Answer: According to our experience, almost 20% of our users enter their email address incorrectly. Sometimes, the email we send you goes into Bulk/Spam folder of your mailbox. So please check your Spam/Bulk folder. If you have Gmail account, please choose “Not Spam” button to receive future emails in your inbox. if you tried all solutions and you didn’t have your mosaic, please send us an email and tell us what your email is. We check our database and we will forward you the code for your photo mosaic.

Question: Why couldn’t I upload my Photo?
Answer: There could be 3 main reasons. 1- Your photo is does not have proper format. We prefer the JPEG format. 2- Your photo size is too big. We prefer photos less than 2 Megabyte in size. 3- The photo file name includes Spaces or it is in some languages that we can’t undestand it. So use plain english file names. Names like: “My Photo with friends.jpg” is not good. It has 3 white spaces. But “My-photo-with-friends.jpg” is great.

Question: Can I be affiliated with PicArtia? Can we do business with PicArtia?
Answer: Sure. If you have any idea, please contact us. We will be happy to listen to your proposals.

Question: Different terminologies for Photo Mosaic (even different languages)?
Photo Mosaics have different names on web: Photo Collage, photographic mosaic , Photomosaic, Photo montage
Photo Mosaic in Different lanugages:
French: photo mosaïque
Persian: عکس موزاییک
Bulgarian: снимка мозайка
Catalan: foto mosaic
Chinese Simplified:照片镶嵌
Chinese Traditional: 照片鑲嵌
Croatian: Foto mozaik
Dutch: foto mozaïek
German : Foto-Mosaik
Italian: foto mosaico
Russian: Фото мозаики
Spanish: foto mosaico
Swedish: foto mosaik
Ukrainian: Фото мозаїки
Romanian: foto mozaic
Japanese: フォトモザイク
Hindi: फोटो मोज़ेक
Greek: Photo ψηφιδωτό
Latvian: foto mozaīkas
Arabic: الصورة فسيفساء

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